Zygoma Implants

What If Standard Implants are Not Recommended?

When teeth have been missing for long period of time, or other systemic issues have affected your body, bone loss becomes very common. Teeth maintain your jaw bones, without them, the bone begins to shrink away.
Dental implants require an adequate amount of bone to guarantee a successful outcome. Sometimes, in certain patients, bone loss is so severe that standard length dental implants will not be able to support a prosthesis. We see many patients who have been told that implants are not for them, that they don’t have any other option than a traditional denture.

Fortunately, for our patients suffering from traditional dentures and bone loss, Dr. Movahed has a solution. Zygomatic Implants are longer length implants that take advantage of the strength of your zygomas or “cheek bones.” The relationship between your upper jaw and your “cheek bones” is ideal for placing implants that will achieve the stability to support your new set of implant supported teeth. These implants can be immediately loaded with a prosthesis and you can finally be confident in your smile.

Why Consider Dental Implants?

Missing multiple teeth will affect your overall health and wellness. Regaining your chewing ability and confidence in your smile is life changing. Dental implants will maintain the bone you still have, helping you avoid further bone loss.

Because implants mimic the actions of a natural tooth, chewing power is transferred back to the jaw bone. This stimulation helps to maintain the health of the jaw bones. When bone has something to “hold on to”, such as an implant, it will remain strong and not begin to recede.

More About Dental Implant Surgery with Dr. Movahed

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