Teeth in a Day

The All On Four (AO4)

Advances in Oral Surgery and Dentistry have made it possible for most patients to avoid wearing a traditional denture. The results of such advances have created a process for patients to have just four implants placed in each jaw, which will then hold a full set of new, non-removable teeth.
After a comprehensive, clinical evaluation and review of your x-rays and 3D imaging, a decision will be made whether you are a candidate for this procedure. Once you have a full understanding of the benefits of this surgery, the process will begin.

Facing the decision to rehabilitate your smile can be overwhelming and challenging. Dr. Movahed and his team at Mid America Oral Surgery and Implant Center are experienced in providing the information and tools for you to make a clear and informed choice.

Why Dental Implants vs. a Traditional Denture?

Why Dental Implants vs. a Traditional Denture?

  • Improves Your Quality of Life
    • When we talk about healthy teeth, it is not only their function to which we refer. Teeth play a central role in your physical appearance and overall confidence. For this reason, Dr. Movahed at Mid America Oral Surgery has made every effort to ensure you leave his office with the smile you deserve. Your opinions and expectations are taken into great consideration when we begin your treatment plan. Prior to surgery, you will have an appointment with our staff to specifically make esthetic decisions, from tooth color to shape.
    • Dental implant treatment can not only improve your comfort and quality of life, but allow you to feel confident with teeth that look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. Never worry about denture adhesives, or the chance of your teeth falling out of your mouth when chewing or speaking.
  • Implants Help Maintain the Shape of Your Face
    • Aside from regaining tooth functionality, a natural-looking and well-fitting restoration has a huge impact on your face. Because implants mimic the actions of a natural tooth, chewing power is transferred back to the jaw bone. This stimulation helps to maintain the health of the jaw bone, and, in turn, the shape of your face.

Implant-supported full arch prosthesis’ are designed to offer more stability than conventional dentures. They look and feel more like natural teeth.

The planning for your surgery begins the moment your consultation begins. Dr. Movahed, your dentist, the dental lab, and our team all collaborate to create your customized treatment plan.

What Happens After the Consultation?

After a treatment plan is agreed upon between you and Dr. Movahed, the Implant Treatment Coordinator will schedule you for surgery and discuss the financial expectations. You will return to our office for surgery on a day that works best for you. You will be brought into your surgical suite, where a nurse and team of assistants will prepare you for anesthesia. Once anesthesia is administered and we know you are safe and comfortable, the surgery will begin. All teeth, necessary of extraction, will be removed and the bone will be smoothed to prepare for implant placement. Dr. Movahed will make the appropriate measurements and take the necessary actions to execute the surgical plan as designed prior to surgery. After the implants have been placed, Dr. Movahed and our Dental Lab will begin attaching your new teeth. Once Dr. Movahed is confident in the stability of your implants and prosthesis, you will be gently woken from anesthesia. Your nurse and assistants will recover you, while giving all the post-operative instructions to your escort. You will continue to follow up with Dr. Movahed and his team, until you are ready to return to your general dentist or prosthodontist.

More About Dental Implant Surgery with Dr. Movahed

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