Dental Extractions

Non- surgical and surgical tooth extraction can become necessary for many reasons, including damage due to breakage or decay, severe gum disease affecting the supporting structures of teeth, infection, crowding, or problematic wisdom teeth.

From simple to more complex surgical tooth extraction procedures, Dr. Reza Movahed and the Mid America Oral Surgery & Implant Center provide expert care for patients in need of dental extractions.

Dr. Movahed performs a variety of tooth extraction procedures to meet the varying needs of his patients. These include:

Simple Dental Extractions

Simple tooth extraction procedures are performed on teeth that can be seen in the mouth. For a simple dental extraction, the tooth is loosened with an instrument called an elevator, then removed with forceps.

Surgical Tooth Extractions

Surgical tooth extraction is necessary when the troubled tooth is not easily accessed. While the most common surgical extraction procedure is performed to remove wisdom teeth, surgical extraction will also be performed when a tooth is broken off at the gum line, or has not fully erupted in the mouth. A surgical tooth extraction procedure is performed by making a small incision into your gums under general anesthesia to remove the problematic tooth.
In some cases, following surgical tooth extraction, patients may choose to explore replacement options like a dental implant procedure.

Multiple or Full Mouth Extractions

When your current teeth have failed and you are in need of multiple extractions, Dr. Reza Movahed is able to address these needs. Numerous oral health problems can lead to further complications throughout your body. If your dentist is recommending multiple extractions or dentures, consider a consultation with Dr. Movahed to discuss your options for tooth replacement.


Please read our Pre-Operative Instructions for General Anesthesia and Post-Operative Instructions.

Why Should Dental Extraction be Performed?

Dr. Movahed or your referring dentist may recommend dental extraction be performed for a variety of reasons. This includes wisdom teeth impactions, breakage or decay. A tooth requiring extraction greatly affects other teeth as they develop serious problems, increasing the risk of periodontal disease and dental cavities. Your doctor may recommend the removal of wisdom teeth due to limited availability of space in the jawline, which can lead to numerous oral health issues.

Schedule a Tooth Extraction Procedure

When the recommended treatment for a bad tooth is extraction, Dr. Movahed will guide you through understanding why your oral health is so important and ensure your comfort through the entire process. Dr. Movahed is the area’s leading expert in non-surgical and surgical tooth extraction methods, and post-procedure recovery.

For us to fully understand your unique situation, and determine the appropriate course of treatment, schedule your appointment with Dr. Movahed today.